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GA Waterproofing

GA Waterproofing is a unique and high-quality waterproofing service company, equipped with three superior ‘T’: Techniques, Tools, and Top-hands.

Working for years and based in Canada, GA Waterproofing has become expertise not only in residential but also in waterproofing of commercial buildings, industries, and towers. Further, with our progressive attitude and dynamic approach, we have reached beyond the ordinary level of services. Our industrious team, in fact always works with the vision of creating a brighter and livable world.

Our Team

GA Waterproofing has trained and experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of handling the waterproofing and moisture protection system for all types of construction projects. Armed with a dedicated and industrious team, GA Waterproofing provides a complete solution for your project and ensures the work done right the first time!

Additionally, our crews have been trained to function with the following services in your area: Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane, Hot Applied Waterproofing Membrane, Air & Vapor Barrier Systems, Caulking & Sealants, Graffiti Control, Bentonite Waterproofing Systems, and Cementitious Waterproofing.

Our Motive

Do you wish a dry and livable place? Well, this is what we aim! In simple words, customer satisfaction, and trust- is our sole motive to achieve. Working towards these goals, we always strive to offer qualitative services, which not only builds our reputation but also, bring a smile on our client’s face.

Our Accomplishments

Throughout years, GA waterproofing has been recognized as an industry of true excellence. Awarded for outstanding services and workmanship, the company has always stood by its moral and values.

Perhaps this is what makes us one of the most reliable waterproofing service providers among the customers in the city. And, it is these principles only, which has made us popular and highly-recommended company among residential as well as property management industries.